Charles Rogliano
UX designer & Digital project manager

This is me. Digital Project manager by day & UX designer by night. I never sleep… almost.


I am a French Web project manager specialized in UX design, based in Frankfurt am Main.

Over the last few years I have developed a real passion for the Web business. With this has come a desire to build upon my skills and practically apply those I already do have for a company interested in my profile. I’m currently a freelancer but I need to be involved in other projects where teamwork is the key of success for myself as well as the company I work for.


“Human-first design that unlocks data and understands user behaviour”


UX design

My goal is to create contemporary, stylish websites with an emphasis on function, usability and the ability to function well as a marketing website.

Digital Project Management

Retroplanning, Agile Scrum methodology, … to improve the company’s team web management as well as the effectiveness of each project.

Search Engine Optimisation

With time and experiences, i’ve got into SEO optimisation to deliver websites that rank organically well. Content, speed, authority are the keys.

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@Avery_FN Nope. Go for like the 11pro. Only big difference is the 5g and not sure it’s already deployed in Canada. Doesn’t make sense now

1 week ago

@Avery_FN And @bugha went for a fishing session

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